Tron Crypto Founder Justin Sun Reignites TRX Controversy

Tron crypto CEO Justin Sun

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, has reignited controversy surrounding the world’s twelfth largest cryptocurrency. Up until late July, Tron crypto news headlines were overwhelmingly positive. This was thanks to a much-publicized working lunch with Warren Buffett scheduled for July 25th. Then, Justin Sun did the unthinkable and canceled.

Justin Sun Health Lies Spark Criticism

Legendary Wall Street investor Warren Buffett makes no secret of his disdain for all things cryptocurrency. Justin Sun, therefore, made plans to educate Buffett on the merits of cryptocurrency. To do this, Sun bid a hefty $4.6 million in a charity auction for the opportunity to meet Buffett in person.

However, just days before the much talked about lunch date, Justin Sun canceled citing health problems. On the very same evening, though, Sun was spotted at a Tron crypto influencer party.

  • Justin Sun canceled his lunch date with Warren Buffett, despite having invited other major cryptocurrency insiders like Litecoin creator Charlie Lee.
  • Sun claimed that having kidney stones was the reason he was forced to cancel. However, Sun later attended other PR events, seemingly in full health.
  • Canceling lunch with Warren Buffett has resulted in some calling the entire build-up little more than a publicity stunt.

Why Did Justin Sun Cancel on Warren Buffett?

Was Justin Sun always planning to cancel his lunch date with Warren Buffett? The idea at first sounds conspiratorial. However, it is a possibility.

Warren Buffet doesn’t entertain scams or bad investment ideas. With this in mind, Justin Sun was always going to be the last person capable of convincing Buffett of the merits of cryptocurrency.

Tron Crypto Controversies and Past PR Stunts

There are several reasons why lunch with Warren Buffett was always going to be a PR disaster. Warren Buffett, after all, could have turned the tables on Justin Sun, by reminding the media of several Tron crypto controversies.

The Plagiarized Tron Whitepaper

In 2018, several independent analysts revealed that the original Tron whitepaper borrowed heavily from other cryptocurrency project whitepapers. A chief source of inspiration proved to be the original whitepaper for Filecoin.

The Tron Tesla Giveaway That Never Happened

In March 2019, Tron courted controversy by announcing a free Tesla giveaway. To win the Tesla in question, Twitter users had to like and share posts from the official Tron Twitter account. One user would then be picked at random as the competitions official winner.

Sadly, when Justin Sun was asked to livestream the draw which would decide the winner of the Tron Tesla giveaway, he canceled the competition. No one, therefore, received a free Tesla. This resulted in many alleging that the entire competition was a mere marketing gimmick.

Fake Tron Partnerships with Major Brands

As well as Tron launching under a plagiarized whitepaper, Tron has also previously announced partnerships with major brands, which have later been denied by these brands themselves. In one famous case, Liverpool FC in the UK was forced to deny it had any relationship or affiliation with Tron.

Should Tron Investors be Worried?

If Justin Sun had met with Warren Buffet on July 25th, Buffett may have called Tron out on past controversies. Doing so would have resulted in significant negative PR. In this case, Sun canceling on Buffett may have been a wise move.

All that isn’t clear at this point, is whether Sun always planned to cancel. If so, some TRX investors may want to start questioning the viability of Tron long-term. At least, while Justin Sun remains CEO of the China-based cryptocurrency.

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