HTC’s Blockchain-Powered Smartphone Adds Bitcoin Cash Support

HTC's blockchain-powered smartphone Exodus 1

The bitcoin cash community has something to celebrate: HTC’s blockchain-powered smartphone now has native support for bitcoin cash. The Taiwanese consumer electronics manufacturer HTC, recently announced that they’ll be adding native bitcoin cash support to its popular blockchain-powered smartphone; Exodus 1.

The support for BCH comes as part of a partnership with And with this new function comes’s pre-installed wallet app, which will be rolled out to Exodus 1 devices with the upcoming software update.

The Zion vault, which is a digital asset wallet pre-loaded on the blockchain-powered smartphones, will therefore soon be capable of conducting bitcoin cash transaction.

HTC is bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses

What is the reason HTC has chosen to support another cryptocurrency and why did the company decide on BCH? For starters, more and more consumers are using BCH as a payment method. It therefore is the perfect fit for HTC’s vision of a future where merchants use blockchain-powered smartphones such as the Exodus 1 to receive popular cryptocurrencies such as BCH for goods and services.

To make sure this vision will soon become reality, HTC already decided to provided support to Bitcoin and Ethereum at the beginning of the year. It is therefore only logical that HTC and are now working to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses by adding the support of further popular digital assets such as Bitcoin Cash. With the partnership, will also offer HTC’s Exodus 1s, a lower-priced version of the blockchain-powered smartphone, in its online store.

And as smartphones continue to proliferate the planet, it will be exciting to see how HTC will empower crypto users in the face of uncertainty.

Since smartphone are used all over the world nowadays, it will surely be exciting to see how HTC will help to further support the cryptocurrency adoption in the face of an increasing political uncertainty.

The Exodus 1 focuses on usability

HTC’s Exodus 1 smartphone was designed to offer users full control over their data and assets. After all, cryptocurrencies are a great way to help them take more responsibility when it comes to data security.

According to HTC, this focus on real use cases is the best option to introduce the masses to cryptocurrencies. The company is therefore already working on replacing the Exodus 1 devices with a new blockchain-powered smartphone generation.

The blockchain-powered smartphone trend

Supporting the crypto adoption seems to be a new trend that more and more smartphone companies are participating in. After all, HTC’s Exodus 1 smartphone is not the first device with an integrated crypto wallet. Samsung is another company that has developed its own blockchain-powered smartphone with its new Samsung Galaxy S10.

On top of that, the crypto community is already wondering whether LG or Apple might be the next companies in the smartphone industry to have their own blockchain products hit the market. At least when it comes to LG, these speculations have already been confirmed. However, Apple seems to be a different story. After unveiling its new product line, at least until next year, the company that is widely known for its love for innovation does not seem to have a cryptocurrency-related product planned.

What do you think about more and more blockchain-powered smartphones being developed? Are you looking forward to using them for your own cryptocurrency transactions or do you think it is just another fad that will soon be out of fashion? Let us know in the comments below. We look forward to hearing your opinion.

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