Ethereum Crash – Popular Altcoin with a Price below $100?

Ethereum Crash – Along with the Bitcoin price, almost all altcoins are in free-fall. Ethereum is no exception. The Ethereum Crash brought the price closer and closer to the $100 mark reaching $109.25 on the evening of November 25. Should the Bitcoin price continue to plunge, Ethereum will likely crack this mark with ease.

Of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, only QuarkChain and Linkey have resisted the downward trend. They are still in the green on CoinMarketCap for now. Compared to the previous day, the overall market lost another $3 billion in market capitalization and has settled at around $121 billion.

The reason for the rapid decline in prices in the last two weeks still is not 100% clear. Many investors on Reddit suspect it to be a result of several factors.  The delay of Bakkt, the manipulation through investors and the continued uncertainty about the future of Bitcoin Cash is often cited. There are many contributing factors but the true cause will probably remain unclear for some time and the Ethereum Crash might continue.

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