Chainlink Price Prediction | Chainlink Crypto Price to Reach $20 by 2024

Chainlink crypto

Could Chainlink crypto prices reach $20 within 5 years? According to cryptocurrency price prediction portal Wallet Investor, they just might. Investors may even be able to realize returns sooner, thanks to Wallet Investor predicting that Chainlink crypto prices will treble in the next twelve months alone.

The Chainlink Crypto Has Investors Excited – Here’s Why

Chainlink is a blockchain-based oracle system, which makes smart contracts smarter.

Chainlink executes smart contracts on third-party blockchains after verifying that the terms of a transaction have been satisfied, by aggregating information from third-party sources. These sources already include Google, blockchain-based legal databases, and the Interbank messaging platform SWIFT.

Chainlink effectively makes it easier than ever to execute smart contracts trustlessly in real-world retail, legal, and commercial contexts. Chainlink crypto prices have, therefore, surged as high as almost $4 in 2019.

Will Chainlink Crypto Prices Reach $20 by 2024?

At the start of 2019, Chainlink was trading at a respectable $0.29. However, by May, prices had already more than doubled to $0.65. By late June, Chainlink broke new ground at a new all-time high of $3.80. Chainlink has, therefore, proven to be one of the best-performing assets on the cryptocurrency market in 2019.

Now a bold Chainlink price prediction by Wallet Investor, has speculated that Chainlink (LINK) could see 841% gains over the course of the next 5 years. If correct, this means that $100 invested in Chainlink today, could be worth $941 by 2024.

Why Is There Reason to be Bullish on Chainlink?

Wallet Investor is notoriously secretive about what data it collates (and how) to arrive at cryptocurrency coin price predictions. It should also be noted that several past price predictions have proven wildly inaccurate. However, there are several reasons why Chainlink may make a profitable long-term investment.

  • Chainlink is already being used by big mainstream technology brands like Oracle and IBM.
  • Several new blockchain startups and existing enterprises have recently announced partnerships with Chainlink.
  • Chainlink is one of only a handful of cryptocurrency projects which first came to market in 2017 and later survived the prolonged cryptocurrency bear market of 2018.

Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Chainlink?

According to price forecasts from Wallet Investor, LINK prices may retract in the short-term to as low as $1.5. However, Wallet Investor does expect Chainlink crypto prices to almost treble from present highs of $2 to $5.92 by 2020.

It is also worth noting that blockchain analysts at DAR have identified projects like Chainlink which complement other blockchains, as standout performers in 2019. This helps position LINK as a top coin to consider investing in, ahead of the next major altcoin season. All that investors need to remember is that gains aren’t guaranteed, and the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile.

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