Ethereum Hard Fork Delayed – Breaking News

The developers of Ethereum aborted the planned Ethereum Hard Fork. The news of the delay was posted mere hours before its scheduled go-live date. Serious safety concerns over a security vulnerability in the hard fork update caused the delay. Security researchers (ChainSecurity and TrailOfBits) will now check the update for issus. So far they have not identified any major issues. The Ethereum developers want to be on the safe side and delayed the anticipated update.

Currently, there has not been an announcement of a new Ethereum Hard Fork date. This means that the Ethereum Constantinople release could now be weeks away instead of hours or days.

Ethereums price has tanked a bit due to the delay but it has not resulted in major price action yet. Overall the community is anticipating the update. Currently, there is no viable opposition to the new update. A refreshing thing in light Bitcoins several hard forks over the past few years.

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