Bitcoin Price Prediction – Chinese Miner believes Bitcoin can reach $740,000

Bitcoin Price Prediction – Chinese crypto miner believes Bitcoin can reach $740,000

Shortly after 2017’s bull run, which climaxed with Bitcoin getting very close to $20,000, there have been a lot of talks about the next price surge. Unfortunately for a lot of investors or just pure enthusiasts, it’s been more than a year since the market’s peak and nothing that impressive happened again. However, there are still people believing that the next big moment is just around the corner.

A wave of optimism coming from China

For example, A Chinese crypto mining pool founder believes that the next bull run will unleash the market’s fool potential, allowing the top cryptocurrency, in terms of market cap, to reach unimaginable heights.

Zhu Fa, founder of Poolin, made a statement on Bitcoin’s price, claiming that it has everything it takes to reach 5 million Chinese yuan, which roughly translates to $740,000. Obviously, a courageous prediction, considering that one token is now trading at a bit over $3,600, meaning that he’s talking about a surge of over 20,000 per cent. If this happens, he also predicts that the overall market cap could also reach a whopping $12 trillion.

However, he can’t provide an estimated time frame, referring to this as the “next round of bull run” in the comments he made on a crypto influencer’s post on Chinese messaging platform WeChat. Hist Bitcoin Price Prediction is quite a bold claim.

He is not alone.

Most crypto investors would call this unrealistic, but the truth is that Zhu Fa isn’t the only one who is very optimistic about the price of Bitcoin, as there are a few Bitcoin Price Predictions to that tune.

Back in December Gemini exchange founders, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, prophesized that the private currency could seriously gain value against the United States Dollar, by 4,000%, helping the total value of the market reach $4 trillion.

Not once they have compared Bitcoin to gold, claiming that the digital currency can even disrupt the precious metal.

Also, Tim Draper, another iconic figure in the cryptocurrency world, believes that Bitcoin can reach $250,000 by 2022, while by 2033, the overall market cap would be $80 trillion.

Of course, these are just numbers put down by some people, as they didn’t come with many arguments in favour of their Bitcoin Price Prediction. On the other side, we were proven – not once – that the market is incredibly volatile and anything can happen.

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