Bitcoin Price in Free Fall – Will BTC plunge below $5,000?

Just a little less than $170 are still separating the Bitcoin price from the $5,000 mark. Despite the recent good news and positive sentiment, the entire crypto market has collapsed yet again.

Currently, the entire market is in the red and hasn’t even stopped at double-digit losses for top cryptos like Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano and Monero. The only coins able to make a profit today are Factom and Nasdacoin.

The next days will remain exciting for Bitcoin. For many investors, the $5,000 mark is an important psychological barrier. The weak hands on the market have been trembling since the fall of the $6,000 mark and could potentially cause even more sales should the price crack $5,000. This could mean that even prices of around $4,000 or lower could be possible.

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