Bitcoin: A long-term investment in Bitcoin is more popular than gold, US bonds & FIAT

Users trust long-term investment in Bitcoin more than storing their money in FIAT money

A long-term investment in Bitcoin is becoming increasingly more popular and starting to compete with classic investment opportunities.

A Twitter poll by Ron Paul now shows that Bitcoin enjoys more confidence than other popular assets.  In his poll, the U.S. congressman asked users if they would prefer to receive $10,000 in Bitcoin, gold or U.S. government bonds if they had to keep their asset of choice for 10 years.

Of nearly 100,000 participants, a large number made their decision in favor of Bitcoin. The second most popular option was gold, while US government bonds (11%) and cash (2%) continued to lag behind.

Ron Paul’s Twitter Poll

Bitcoin trusted more than FIAT
Ron Paul’s Twitter Poll

Despite the falling prices, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies continue to enjoy great popularity. In contrast to fiat currencies, they are also given confidence as a long-term investment in the future. Ron Paul had already conducted the same survey on 5th December 2017, just before the Bitcoin all-time high of $20,000 and received very similar results back then. This means that, despite the long-lasting bear market, the confidence of investors has only fallen by 4%.

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