Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler May Soon Become a U.S. Senator

Kelly Loeffler may be appointed by Brian Kemp as the new U.S. senator of the Republican party. However, some news outlets reported that President Donald Trump is not in favor of this decision as he views her as being ’too moderate.’

Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler

During the following week, the CEO of bitcoin futures platform Bakkt, Kelly Loeffler, may be appointed as a U.S. senator by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. According to a report of Atlanta news platform AJC published on the 29th of November, Brian Kemp decide in favor of Loeffler to make the Republican party appeal to women.

If appointed, Kelly Loeffler would become the second woman from Georgia to serve as a senator. She would also have significant influence in the cryptocurrency sector given her position as the CEO of Bakkt.

In order to get the approval of the controversial Republican party, Loeffler recently expressed her pro-Trump views, along with her wish to shut down human trafficking and illegal drug distribution, to strengthen the border, protect national interests and lower the healthcare costs.

Interestingly enough, she stated that: “If chosen, I will stand with President Trump, Senator David Perdue, and you to Keep America Great.”

The CEO’s future senator seat is currently held by Johnny Isakson, who is set to leave the institution by the end of the year due to health complications. According to unnamed sources of the Republican party, Kemp’s decision may become public next week during a press conference.

Despite the fact that Loeffler clearly is in favor of Trump and his policies, she still does has not gotten the required approval of the President himself. According to some reports, Donald Trump wants Doug Collins to get the position instead. Apart from him, several leaders of the party support Collins due to his strong support, his anti-abortion stance and his support of gun rights.

In general, Loeffler is seen as being too ’moderate’ by party members, which is the main reason why she does not receive the majority of the party’s support. AJC also reported that there has been a meeting between Trump, Kemp and Loeffler to raise support for her appointment as a senator but the meeting did not go well.

Even if Loeffler does not end up as a senator, she is still highly successful. After all, Bakkt’s Bitcoin custody service just recently got approved by the regulators. On top of that, the platform continually sets new records with regard to its daily trading volume, with the newest one being $42.5 million.

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